About us

Our Mission

At Twittering Trees, we strive to create a happy, relaxed, homely, nurturing Christian environment with loving, professional teachers.

Our smaller classes and competent staff, help us to meet the individual needs of each pupil.

We strive to treat each child as an individual and to encourage and develop their own unique strengths.

We also strive to create a challenging learning environment, which follows the examples and teachings of Christ, so children can develop to their full potential.

We believe that identity and good self-esteem is the foundation for building good leadership.

As a Christian pre-school, we focus on developing the child as a whole

soccerphysical – outside play, gross motor co-ordination, ball skills, dancing, fine motor co-ordination, sensory stimulation (vestibular & proprioceptive), and promoting healthy eating as a lifestyle

brainintellectual – focussing on visual & auditory perception skills and mathematics /number concepts; encouraging a love for learning; placing emphasis on language development; learning about important music pieces and art forms; leaving space for creativity

crossspiritual – giving a foundation of Christian living, love and obedience; creating a love for the Bible; and focussing on the importance of making Jesus the centre of your life; becoming spiritually alive and active

socialsocial – nurturing characteristics like kindness, attentiveness, honour, patience, love, loyalty, honesty, self-control, etc. as a basis for good relationships; and becoming aware of the community around them

heartemotional – creating an orderly environment where the child can feel safe, loved, cared for and confident

Our Motto

learning * loving * laughing

When a child is young, the most important way to learn, is through play. That is why we have a big “loose parts” section in our outside play area, where children can explore and learn without the teacher interfering with the cognitive processes. The best toys do not come from a store – nature offers a wide assortment of loose parts that are captivatingly simple and empowering.

Although teachers have always been aware of the incredible play value in natural materials, current research now validates the tremendous learning potential they offer as well.

Our Methodology

We take pride in working to a high standard. We understand that it is only through this process of engaging with an authentic challenge, that we can expect any transformation of the heart and mind to take place. We believe that, now more than ever, children need a clear indication of what is expected from them. They also need consistent boundaries with firmly defined consequences, should the mark be overstepped. We are committed to supporting children and parents in order for families to flourish and for children to grow into successful, confident and content individuals.

We value the partnership of parents and together with our caring staff, we ensure that our children and parents have a sense of belonging and are part of the Twittering Trees family.

Our Future

God has called us to prepare young hearts and minds for His service in our world; to make a difference and to leave a legacy. Our aim is to encourage boys and girls to have a relationship with the living God; and to nurture hearts for the gospel of Jesus Christ. We will continue to strive for excellent, Christ centered, holistic education. We partner with Liberty Church as we serve the local community.

Our aim is to grow into a fully-fledged primary school, up to Grade 7, in the years to come.